Cooking Classes in Khao Lak


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Cooking Class in Khao Lak

Thai Cooking Class Itinerary

A: Morning Class
10.00 a.m.: Pick up at the hotel
10.20 a.m.: Market tour at local market
10.40 a.m. – 12.00: Cooking
12.10 p.m.: Get together for lunch and share your meal with each other
01.20 p.m.: Photo opportunities in a beautiful organic garden
02.00 p.m.: Arrive back at the hotel

B: Afternoon Class 
03.00 p.m.: Pick up at the hotel, time might vary 5-10 minutes depending on the day.
03.15 p.m.: Market tour at local market
03.40 p.m. – 5.40 pm: Cooking appertizer and enjoy food, cooking main course
and enjoy the meal and cooking dessert and enjoy the dessert.
05.50 p.m.: Photo opportunities and question & answer
06.40 p.m.: Arrive back at the hotel

Price includes:

5 dishes per class includes appertizer, main course and dessert
Enjoy your own creative meal
Market tour
Complimentary refreshment
Pick up and return to your hotel/accommodation
Free! recipe downloads

Cooking Class Menu – 33 recipes for you to learn and taste!

In Bamboo, from the Shell or the Leaf

1. Kao – Lam (Glutinous rice baked in a bamboo cylinder ) (ข้าวหลาม)

2. Hoh Mok Maprao on (Steamed fish curry in a green coconut) (ห่อหมกมะพร้าวอ่อน)

3. Ta ko perk (Taro pudding with coconut topping) (ตะโก้เผือก)


Curry Mania (Make your own curry paste from scratch)

4. Kaeng kiew wan (Green curry) with chicken or seafood.

5. Kaeng Massaman (Massaman Curry) with chicken.

6.Kaeng Panang (Panang Curry) with chicken or seafood.

7. Kaeng Chu Chi (Southern Thai Curry with coconut cream) with a selection of fish from the Andaman sea (Trevallies or barramundi)

8. Kaeng Hang Lea (Traditional Northern curry) with pork


Soup Lovers

9. Tom Kar Kai (Galangal soup with chicken)

10. Tom Yam (Spicy soup) with chicken or prawn)

11. Plamuk Yadsai (stuffed squid soup with pork)

12. Tom Krati Pak Krud (Paco Fern in coconut soup)


Top 5 Thai Street Food Menu

13. Pad Kraprao kaidao (Pan fried chicken, pork or seafood with basil, fried egg on top)

14. Kung Pad Kee Mao (drunken prawn, stir fried prawn with finger ginger, herbs and a beer)

15. Pad see iew kai (Pan fried flat noodle with dark soy sauce and chicken)

16. Moo tod kratiem (Pan fried pork with garlic and pepper)

17. Kuay Tiew Nam (Noodle soup with chicken or pork)


Well Prepared Party Menu

18. Moo-Takrai (deep fried minced pork wrapped in lemon grass)

19. Kung Sarong (deep fried wrapped shrimp with egg noodle)

20. Popea tod (deep fried vegetable spring roll)

21. Kai Hobaituey, Deep fried chicken with pandanus and kaffir lime leaf.


Full Flavored Salad Dishes

22. Yum Huaple (Banana Flower salad with prawn and roasted coconut)

23. Yum Tale (Spicy seafood salad)

24. Yum Som O (Pomelo salad with prawn and roasted coconut)

25. Som Tum (Papaya salad with dried shrimp)


What a Tasty Dessert

26. Kao niew mamuang (sticky rice with mango)

27. Kluay Buad Chee (Banana in Coconut milk)

28. Khanom Krok (Thai pancake with coconut cream on top)

29. Bua Loi (Glutinous rice ball in coconut milk with pumpkin, sweet potatoes and blue peas juice)

30. Sangkaya-Kao-Niew-Dam (steamed black sticky rice custard)

National and Occasional Dishes

31. National dish- Pad Thai Kung (Stir fried noodle with chicken or prawn)

32. Occasional dishes (Song Kran Festival dishes); Kao Chae (Candle smoked rice in ice water) with different side dishes

*Additional menus can be requested by the clients. We are flexible with what you want to cook.

Let's Cook Together!


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