Bang Niang Market

Bang Niang Market


A food treasure of Khao Lak where the friendly venders are.

Khao Lak-Bang Niang Fresh Food Market is located in Khao Lak-Bang Niang Bus Station in Bang Niang Villeage, Khao Lak, Takuapa District, Phang Nga City. As its name indicates, it is a market dedicated to fresh local produce including vegetables, fruits, spices, nuts, local foods, hand-made sweets, etc. The market is affordable and atmospheric. Lively, which attracts large numbers of visitors.

The market is easily accessible by taxi or public bus, and it is recommended to visit between 6am-11 am. More than 20 shops are available at the market. This market has been built around 20years ago before I moved here to work. The charming of this market is mostly the shop are run by the local and well organize. You can come here for very yummy breakfast such as rice soup with pork minced, Pork blood soup with steamed rice and garlic oil on top. Or you can even find deep fried pork and BBQ pork with sticky rice that local people have it for breakfast together with Thai tea and Thai coffee. More than that you can use this breakfast shop as a community area for meet up people and chit chat with your friends or a place for small gossip.


As a cooking teacher at Pakinnaka Thai Cooking Class in Khao Lak, I use this market to operate market tour for my students. This market is very lively and well organized. You can buy many local products from this market. The market has built 20 years ago by Khuk Khak Municipality. In my daily life I spent time at this market nearly everyday day at least 1 hour for the past 8 years.


Fresh ingredients hunting and introduction of Thai food is starting at Pada Pak Sod (Aunty da from farm to table) right next to the bus station. Aunty Da and uncle Korn has been selling fresh vegetable from their own farm and their neighbors. I often buy her fresh lemongrass for my “Deep fried pork with lemon grass” which is my signature dish at Khao Lak Thai Cooking Class by Pakinnaka Thai Cooking School. She also sells very good quality of Phuket Pineapple that I have been used for Fried Rice pineapple.


Ae Polamai sod (Ae Tropical fruit shop)

The second spot that I give introduction about Tropical Thai Fruit is Ae Polamai sod (Ae Tropical fruit shop) my students get to try different type of seasonal fresh fruits such as Longan, Mangosteen, snake skin, dragon fruits and more. I often buy pomelo for my special tropical refreshing recipe Pomelo Salad with prawn.


Pee dang Kuay tiew (Daeng Noodle Shop)

One shop that I never miss is Pee dang Kuay tiew (Daeng Noodle Shop) My students will learn here how many types of Thai noodle are and what are they use for. Dang sell rice noodle for Padthai and flat and egg noodle for Pad See iew. As well as grass noodle for spring roll. The price for noodles around 30 thb per kilogram. You can also hunt the fresh ingredients for Padthai such as bean sprout and tofu at this place as well as process food like pork, chicken or fish ball and hotdog and Thai sausage.



Jee Jeab Pak Sod

You will never arrive to Bang Niang Market without visiting Jee Jeab Pak Sod (Jeab Fresh Veggies)

Most of the people who operate Khao Lak Cooking Class buy and use this spot for market tour. Even I close my eyes the pictures of all fresh vegetable are in front of me. Starting from the far left is banana flowers, turmeric, finger ginger, regular ginger, chilli family, fresh mushroom, egg plants family, tomatoes. My favorite spot of this vegetable shop is basil. Never one time of my market tour that I miss giving an introduction about Thai ingredients without presenting 4 types of Thai basil. At the far right of this shop you will discover sweet basil which we regularly use for green curry, red curry and pan-fried mussel. Holy Basil for pan fried chicken or pork minced. Tree basil or spicy can be frond here at this market at the price of 10 Baht for a bundle. And my favorite Lime basil that I often buy for making cucumber salad of my grandmom recipe also can buy it here. In general, there is none of veggies cannot be purchase here.


Lek Aharn Talea (Lek Seafood)

One of seafood section that touch my feeling is Go Lek Seafood. Go mean brother. He is big brother of everyone in Bang Niang Morning Market and everyone loves him. He has got arm problem everyday he works with just one arm but he sells e than 500 KGS of seafood such as farm prawn, sea prawn, tiger prawn, lobster, barramundi, barracuda. He got 3-4 helpers for peeling the prawns, fillet the fish. He is not only retrial shop but also whole sale shop. If you looking for a good service and fresh seafood I would recommend him.


Poy Kati Sod (Poy Fresh Coconut milk)

For me the most fun time in the market is spending time talking to Khun Poy, the coconut milk lady who move away from Chiang Mai to sell coconut milk here at Bang Niang Market. Back to 20 years ago she falls in love with the Navy guy whose family sell coconut milk and she move since then. Everyday Khun Poy wakes up at 2 starting opening coconut shell, grinding, mixing coconut with water. Everyday I buy her fresh coconut milk for my curry from scratch. Everyday her daughter also help her to sell coconut milk and coconut oil for skin and hair.


Chu Ma Krung Kaeng ( Sister Ma Curry paste )

My last stop at Bang Niang Morning Market for my market tour for my Thai Cooking Class is Chu Ma Krung Kaeng. My favorite Muslim lady that always smile for me and my students every day. She sells her home-made curry paste. I would highly recommend her Massaman curry paste if you have chance to explore this market.

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